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What gets measured gets managed. Culture is a difficult thing to measure, but we use our Missing Link Culture Model to create a tool you can use to assess your organization.

Our Missing Link Culture Premium Survey is an online, quantitative assessment of your entire organization. We assess employee perceptions of culture so that we can understand where your culture is truly supporting your mission and where you can have the biggest positive impact on improving things. We also slice and dice the data in different ways to understand any nuances that exist in terms of how your workforce experiences working for your organization.

Culture is an emergent property of organizations created by the interaction of common attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors held by individuals.

Consequently, culture ultimately exists in the heads (or between the ears as we like to say) of the individuals in your organization.

Fortunately, at Gallaher Edge, we have identified the “missing link” that is required for cultural traits to emerge. By focusing on creating and strengthening the links between the humans in your organization, you can intentionally transform and manage your culture.

We have developed a specialized set of programs designed around these links and use a unique collection of experiences to align the self, teams, and culture from the Inside Out.

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Why is there an application for this?

This is a paid product (and service) we offer to our clients so you can assess employee perceptions of culture. We create a custom report for you and your organization and guide you through recommendations based on your results.

When my application is accepted, what is included with the Missing Link Culture Survey?

You will receive:

  • 2 sessions with either Dr. Laura Gallaher or Dr. Phillip Meade
    • Kick-Off Session
    • Debrief Session
  • A detailed report that shows your overall results
  • The opportunity to compare different segments of your workforce, such as how leaders feel vs. individual contributors, or how your different departments compare in their experience of your culture.


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