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“This book by the dynamic duo that led NASA’s culture transformation is a hands-on guide to building and evolving values, norms and routines. If you’re trying to make your team or your organization more effective, innovative, or reliable, there’s something to learn in these pages.”

- Adam Grant, #1 New York Times bestselling author of THINK AGAIN and host of the TED podcast WorkLife


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We will always see ways that we can improve – as individuals, as a team and as a company. The gap between where we are and where we want to be represents the journey we are on, and we regard that as a positive. Because we can always improve, we evolve our work products just as we evolve ourselves, and we are never “done.” Self-acceptance and self-improvement co-exist and we get the most out of the journey when we focus on progress over perfection.


Self-awareness and openness allow us to truly collaborate. We cultivate radical openness that enables us to get real work done by getting real. We are willing to be vulnerable, share half-baked ideas and admit when we don’t have the answer. We demonstrate compassion for ourselves and each other by allowing each person to truly be human.


We realize that each thing we do in life is a choice. This is extremely empowering because it enables us to align our choices with our purpose, to show up with self-accountability and to build strong trust, together as a team. Because we are self-accountable, we hold ourselves to a high standard of performance, work really hard and follow through on what we commit to. We own our choices, which enables us to live with greater clarity and greater freedom.

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Gallaher Edge creates experiences that transform people and organizations from the inside out. No two workshops are the same, because each one is co-created by all the humans involved.

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"I hired Laura to help prepare our team for 10x scalability by increasing team cohesion. She helped our team build trust, improve communication, and align around a common strategy to achieve our future vision that still guides us today."

Suneera Madhani

CEO, Stax by Fattmerchant

"I signed up for the [Human Element] wanting to add “effective communication” to my professional skill set. I left the training with more knowledge about myself than ever before and a desire to dig even deeper.”

Radley Griffin, MD, Owner/Founder

Griffin Concierge Medical

"Gallaher Edge creates a warm environment for leaders to engage in open conversation. They make us think harder about the company we’re building and the culture we want.”

Ashley Smith

Former COO at Code School

Organizations are just humans. We create transformational change in your business through meaningful and impactful human experiences.

I founded Gallaher Edge when I realized how important it was to me to grow from the inside out, and help others do the same. We value the Power of Choice, Progress Over Perfection and Uninhibited Teamwork. This company, like me, is a work in progress, something that every day, I accept exactly as it is while never stopping work to progress it further.

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Dr. Laura Gallaher is an organizational psychologist who has been hired by Disney and also NASA to help transform culture. Her company, Gallaher Edge, has helped multiple small businesses grow to successful acquisition.

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