Get Your Boss to Sponsor Your Insider Edge Membership!


Insider Edge is priced for individuals to be able to easily afford it - it costs less than a cup of coffee a day! However, if you feel it is not feasible for you, you may be able to ask your company to sponsor you.  We recommend first doing your research and preparing for potential questions, such as:

  • How much is it?
  • What will you learn?
  • How will it benefit the company?
  • How can I measure the ROI?

Here's a sample email you could use, to present your request to your manager (or use it as talking points during your convo!):


Hi [Name of Boss],

Since we’ve discussed ways I can strengthen my leadership skills and continue growing professionally, I’ve been researching opportunities. I wanted to let you know I recently came across an intriguing program that aligns with many of my goals and interests: Insider Edge by Gallaher Edge.

This program stood out to me because they focus on helping leaders be more effective at difficult conversations, increase personal and team accountability, and align strategically.

I like that it is self-paced and uses micro-learning. There is a library of over 100 5-minute videos, but I can pace myself by just watching one video a week. In a lot of ways, this is more powerful than a one-time training because it lets me develop over time.

They’re about to open the doors, and it’s only $497 for a whole year of access.

Obviously, I think this will benefit me, but more importantly it will benefit the organization because {insert strategic initiatives, core values, or other relevant organizational priority}.

Does [Name of Company] provide funding for opportunities like this? I wasn’t sure but wanted to ask before I move forward. If it’s possible to be reimbursed for the program, I’d love to discuss.

Here are some of the program specifics:

  • Start date: [register before January 12, 2022]
  • Duration: [12 months of membership]
  • Cost: [$497 for the program; or $47/mo]
  • Link with more information:

Are you available to discuss {recommend a date and time that could work for you both}? Let me know what works for you. Thank you!


[Your Name]