Start building an effective, capable leadership team, ready to navigate any situation with the DIGITAL LEADERSHIP CATALYST.


The What

The Digital Leadership Catalyst from Gallaher Edge is a one-of-a-kind leadership training program developed by two of the foremost leaders in personal and professional development and the science of human behavior.

The Why

Leadership is a completely different skillset than the functional skills of being an individual contributor. When your organization lacks true leaders, you battle chaos and attrition simultaneously as you try to maintain momentum on your key initiatives. The only thing that will stop the chaos (and added work to your plate) is more effective and experienced leaders. But you don’t have the time to develop them yourself, and honestly, you can’t afford to be without them if you send them off to training.

The How

Our Digital Leadership Catalyst fills that gap by swiftly growing your new leaders through Four Levels of Effectiveness, preparing them to succeed and your organization to thrive:

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Why do so many leadership programs fail?

Because most of them are designed to teach and learn outside characteristics from other leaders. How to become more like them. True transformation can only come from within. We focus on understanding the authentic self first.




These are the tools that make leaders capable of navigating any situation.

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What Your Leaders will Learn


Understanding Yourself: Mindset and Identity

We know what it takes to be successful, and we know how to help you get there. The first step starts with focusing on you.


Leading Yourself: Self-Management and Care

Learn to increase the degree to which you trust yourself, which builds trust with your team. A critical component for permission-based leadership.


Leading Others: Relationships and Alignment

The relationships you have, and the trust you build with your team, serve as the foundation for your influence and leadership.


Leading at the Organizational Level

Understand your organization as a system and its broader context. This helps to have better influence across and up the organization.

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Will my Leaders Actually Watch the Content?

Ensuring your leaders will engage is an organizational change initiative. This enterprise solution includes the combined brainpower behind the organizational change initiative at NASA following the Space Shuttle Columbia accident. We apply our expertise in human behavior to walk you through a scientifically-backed 3-step onboarding process to ensure engagement and adoption of this program.

Customize to Execute

Link to business objectives 

Create internal motivation in individuals through education, while positioning the program within the context to what really matters.

Connect to Integrate

Build into existing mechanisms

Provide support and reinforcement by connecting the program to existing processes, systems, and cultural norms.

Communicate to Excite

Ensure the desired social support

Promote the program across the organization to creating opportunities for peer recognition, support, and collaboration.

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Leadership development isn't just a cost, and it's an investment with a tangible payoff.

This calculator helps demonstrate how those two areas contribute to the total ROI from our Digital Leadership Catalyst Program.

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