Create a cohesive culture that drives results. 

 Be the company that everyone wants to work at.

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If you don’t actively manage your culture, then your employees, customers, and organization will suffer.

We spend so much time at work – don't let the quality of your organization deteriorate. 

Let our experts guide you to a more fulfilling future. 

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Results You'll Get:

  • Increased accountability 

  • Collaboration and teamwork

  • Culture of belonging and inclusion

  • Improved communication within your organization

  • Resolving people problems

  • Conflict resolution that works

  • Positive employee/manager relationships

  • Lifelong leadership skills

  • Optimized organizational structure 

Stop Losing Money and Watching Your Culture Deteriorate.

With all the people leaving the workforce, prioritizing a culture that promotes happy and fulfilled employees is more important now than ever. Investing in your culture has a payoff that far outweighs the time and money spent. Even if your culture seems fine today, is “fine” really going to get you to where you want to be? The forces of chaos are constantly tearing away at your organization; if you aren’t actively working on your culture, it's actively deteriorating. After spending thousands of hours successfully improving culture in companies such as NASA, ADP, and Disney, we’ve become experts in organizational culture. Call us today and take the first step to level up your team and organization.

Our services include executive development, leadership coaching, team workshops, our Missing Link Culture Survey, and our self-paced development platforms.

Services we provide

  • Transformational Team and Leadership Workshops 
  • Self-Paced Online Leadership Learning 
  • Executive Coaching  
  • Culture Assessment 
  • Culture Consulting 
  • Strategy Consulting 
  • High-Impact Keynote Sessions

Common issues we solve

  • Team projects falling through the cracks
  • Teams engaging in "turf" wars
  • Leadership competing for monetary resources
  • Leadership competing for employee time 
  • Feeling like it takes a ton of energy to get things done
  • Determining the root cause of problems
  • Micromanaging
  • Inconsistent quality across departments
  • and more! 

What causes these issues?

  • Change in management

  • Company mergers

  • Massive employee growth

  • Changes in processes or software

  • Siloed teams

  • Poor communication across teams

  • Lack of accountability

Why Work With Us?

We are experts in the psychology of organizational culture. Our Missing Link Culture Model was inspired by Dr. Laura Gallaher’s and Dr. Phillip Meade’s work to radically change the culture at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center after the Space Shuttle Columbia Accident. It has been applied to numerous organizations across industries to create a culture of accountability, inclusivity, and productivity.

How to get started

Step 1:

Get in Touch

This allows us to get aligned around your vision and goals. Zero obligations.

Step 2:

Design a Custom Solution

No two organizations are the same. We’ll create a roadmap tailored to your unique needs.

Step 3:

Maximize Your Team’s Performance

Enjoy a more fulfilling workplace where goals are met and employees (including you) are happy.

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Our Approach:

Inside Out Model

Unless you're growing the individuals, you are capping the growth of your organization. Our Inside Out model shows the team's dependence on its individuals and the organization's dependence on its teams. Applying this model will help you and your team develop self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-accountability, enabling you to discover why authentic leadership starts from the Inside Out - which is the essential ingredient in all organizations!

Missing Link Model

Our Missing Link Culture Model will enable you to gain insight into what makes us human and learn how to tap into the drivers hardwired into our genetic code to improve your organization's culture. It is the roadmap for evolving and transforming your organization's culture.

Missing Link Culture Assessment

Our Missing Link Culture Premium Survey is an online, quantitative assessment of your entire organization. We assess employee perceptions of culture to understand where your culture truly supports your mission and where you can have the most significant positive impact on accomplishing your goals. We assess the perceptions of the organization as a whole and include three standard demographic variables of your choice.

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Transformational Team & Leadership Workshops

Available for 3, 6, or 12+ months

Using our Missing Link Culture model, we facilitate workshops designed to grow your leaders and your org from the Inside Out. Real work happens by getting real. We take you, your leaders and your team through highly experiential workshops that foster alignment, collaboration, and trust. After this group experience your team will grow tighter so they can achieve together – and most importantly, enjoy their journey.

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Digital Leadership Catalyst:

Leadership Training

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Our Leadership course helps leaders overcome self-doubt and confusion as they work to figure out how to lead others. When leadership suffers, the entire organization suffers. Our self-paced course helps leaders create accountability, proactivity handle the difficult and important conversations with finesse, and empower the entire org to hit their milestones and goals! We offer packages that enables you to purchase this course for your whole team, with the ability to add it to your own LMS. Learn more

Leadership Coaching

Available for 6, 12+ months

Leadership coaching focuses on communication and honing in your leadership skills, especially in difficult conversations or conflict situations. Coaching will provide you with a sounding board, an accountability partner, and somebody who can challenge the way you think about things, which will introduce new approaches to bring results. We focus on the person, not the problem, helping leaders generate new insights about how they experience the world.

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Strategy and Culture Design Consulting

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Available for 3, 6, or 12+ months

These sessions are most helpful when you feel a strong desire to get your team on the same page and moving in the same direction. It can be especially valuable before, during and after periods of growth. When you think about the future, if you want to position your organization to be highly adaptable and ready to change, while creating or maintaining an effective culture, including design the structure of your organization for future growth and scaling, these sessions are for you.

Hire a Keynote Speaker

available for hour-long to half-day sessions

Our keynote speakers pull from their combined 40 years of experience working on company culture. Together they have worked with dozens of organizations across various industries to help leaders develop their cultural characteristics. Their unique combination of organizational psychology and industrial engineering creates a powerful combination for leaders who want their culture to be their competitive edge. 

Book Dr. Laura Gallaher
Book Dr. Phillip Meade

How to get started

Step 1:

Get in Touch

This allows us to get aligned around your vision and goals. Zero obligations.

Step 2:

Design a Custom Solution

No two organizations are the same. We’ll create a roadmap tailored to your unique needs.

Step 3:

Maximize Your Team’s Performance

Enjoy a more fulfilling workplace where goals are met and employees (including you) are happy.

Step 1: Contact Us

– Dr. Benjamin Hardy, organizational psychologist and bestselling author of Willpower Doesn't Work, Personality Isn't Permanent, and Who Not How

“Dr. Meade and Dr. Gallaher are culture scientists. They’ve used their training at NASA and other high-stakes organizations and environments. They have way more than the advised 10,000 hours of expertise. They work with leaders and organizations of varying shapes and sizes every single day… And when you combine her [Laura’s] experience and passion with the complementary background of industrial engineering in Phillip, you create a partnership that brings such uniqueness to organizational culture.”

- Heath Ritenour, CEO of Insurance Offices of America

"I've always been proud of the culture at our company, but I know how critical it is to keep evolving. Healthy things grow, growing things change, change challenges us - and it's been very impactful to work with the team at Gallaher Edge.”

– Suneera Madhani, CEO and Founder, Stax by Fattmerchant

“I honestly can’t recommend working with Laura and her team enough.  Laura has absolutely changed the game for our company… from ensuring that our team has alignment… our core values reflect our business and the growth that we want to have… and keeping myself, as an executive, grounded as well as grounding our team…”

Success is waiting for you!

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