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You’ve worked hard to become a leader, but leadership doesn’t have to be hard.


Stop wasting your time playing referee to employees that can’t get along. Teach them how to solve their problems, so you don’t have to

Learn how to effectively work through others so that others do the work instead of you.

Discover the secrets to building a high-performing team that achieves results and has fun along the way.

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The Missing Links

Go behind the scenes with Drs. Laura Gallaher and Phillip Meade to see how NASA assessed organizational culture after the Columbia Accident.

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Go behind the scenes to see how NASA assessed organizational culture after Columbia.

Go strand by strand on our DNA sequence, exploring the drivers hardwired into our genetic code and how they can improve organizational culture.

Hear the call for leaders to set, assess, and intentionally improve their organization’s culture, knowing leadership’s true influence on employees, colleagues, and partners.

Access additional resources to unpack these ideas and apply them to your team.

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