The Evolved Leader

The Evolved Leader

Hosted by: Dr. Laura Gallaher

Real, human stories with practical tips for leaders who want to evolve themselves and their teams, creating an evolved culture. Dr. Laura Gallaher is an organizational psychologist who has been hired by Disney and...


Evolve Your Practice from the Inside Out with Dr. Radley Griffin

Season #3 Episode #1

On this episode, I interview Dr. Radley Griffin, CEO of Griffin Concierge Medical in Tampa, FL. Originally, Dr. Griffin was looking for leadership training. But he discovered that to really create an amazing culture,...
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Why Performance Management is Not Working

Season #2 Episode #11

What if you never did another performance review in your life? Would that make you happy? It pleases most people, research has shown that just about everybody hates the performance review process – employees and...
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Why You Shouldn’t Shoot for the Stars

Season #2 Episode #10

Don’t shoot for the stars. In this episode, I speak with Matt Johnson, Founder and CEO of Pursuing Results. We talk about what self-awareness means to him, and specifically, we get in to why it’s best to look at goals...
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Life after a Failure Goes Viral

Season #2 Episode #9

On this episode, I speak with William Hung, who you all probably know as the guy who sang “She Bangs” for his American Idol audition back in 2004. Today William is focused on helping others feel like and become...
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Why Starting with Why Matters for Every Leader

Season #2 Episode #8

Matt Dunsmoor is an Igniter at Start with Why – Simon Sinek’s company. He was introduced to Simon’s work while working at Zappo’s, and today he is an Igniter. We talk about the importance of starting with why, Matt’s...
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Say Yes To Yourself

Season #2 Episode #7

Say yes, and your life will improve. If you have seen Yes Man with Jim Carrey, you might have garnered this lesson already. But that is only one lesson of dozens that Bob Kodzis drops in this episode. He’s a...
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You Want Me to Do What?

Season #2

Aaron LeClair values transparency, openness and relationships with people above all else. So what to do, when he finds himself in an organization asking him to go against those values? In this episode, we talk about...
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Behind the Curtain

Season #2 Episode #5

In this episode, I welcome back Gabriela Buich to the show, and we give a peek “behind the curtain” and describe what it is like for the two of us – experts in self-awareness and communication – to work together. We...
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What would you do for your company’s culture?

Season #2 Episode #4

Gene McCulley’s company was growing without intention, and when the company culture began to fragment, he wanted to invest in making it as strong and positive as possible. When it seemed a harder challenge than he...
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How to Create a Company Culture of Accountability

Season #2 Episode #3

In this episode I speak with Jason Polstein about how he applied self-accountability as a concept inside his organization in the face of major loss. He also describes how growth mindset has changed his language and...
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The Backfire Effect of "Being Too Nice"

Season #2 Episode #2

Kayla participated in our 5-day workshop focused on self-awareness and its impact on leadership, productivity and fulfillment at work. We talk about how being too nice is a defense mechanism that manifests the very...
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Transforming in a Moment

Season #2 Episode #1

Colby Shytle was struggling with dark thoughts and anxiety like he’d never experienced before. He reached out for help, looking for tools to change the way he was walking through the world. And because he was open to...
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