The Evolved Leader

The Evolved Leader

Hosted by: Dr. Laura Gallaher

Real, human stories with practical tips for leaders who want to evolve themselves and their teams, creating an evolved culture. Dr. Laura Gallaher is an organizational psychologist who has been hired by Disney and...


The Competitive Edge Every Leader Wants

Season #1 Episode #12

In this episode, I speak with Mike Morris, CEO of Topcoder. Topcoder has grown and seen tremendous success, yet Mike knows the team is capable of even more. We talk about creating peer-to-peer accountability on the...
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What Openness Actually Means

Season #1 Episode #7

In this episode, I speak with Alexandria Agresta, the founder of My Loop and co-founder of Purpose Pioneers. We talk about pre-Human Element™ Alex (a less self-aware version of herself), and how changing her...
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Triangulation is Toxic!

Season #1 Episode #5

In this episode, I speak with Gabriela Buich, one of our talented executive coaches and consultants, and Licensed Human Element Practitioner. We speak about one of the most toxic elements in organizations:...
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Gotta Tear It Down to Build It Better

Season #1 Episode #4

In this episode, I speak with Danya Shea, who goes by “Shea” about her self-awareness journey. As a well-respected entrepreneur and avid supporter of forward thinking founders and leaders, Shea usually looks like she...
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Roy: From Trouble Maker to Rain Maker

Season #1 Episode #3

Do you have somebody on your team that is competent and capable, a “latent leader” who can rally the troops, but does so… in the wrong direction? That was Roy, a self-described “trouble maker” using Slack to do “the...
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