The Evolved Leader

The Evolved Leader

Hosted by: Dr. Laura Gallaher

Real, human stories with practical tips for leaders who want to evolve themselves and their teams, creating an evolved culture. Dr. Laura Gallaher is an organizational psychologist who has been hired by Disney and...


Personality Isn’t Permanent

Season #3 Episode #3

On this episode, I interview Dr. Benjamin Hardy about his book, Personality Isn’t Permanent. We talk about the importance of letting go of who you think you are, and focusing instead on who you want to be. We talk...
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How Racism Lives in the Subconscious of The United States

Season #3 Episode #2

On this episode, Kayla Wonisch and I talk about the history of the United States and how racism has become part of the subconscious of The United States. When we, as humans, can combine psychology, human behavior, and...
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Evolve Your Practice from the Inside Out with Dr. Radley Griffin

Season #3 Episode #1

On this episode, I interview Dr. Radley Griffin, CEO of Griffin Concierge Medical in Tampa, FL. Originally, Dr. Griffin was looking for leadership training. But he discovered that to really create an amazing culture,...
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